Paul Hughes Bio
Paul Hughes Headshot Coined one of the best-looking comics to hit the Los Angeles scene in years (by his mom), with his rebellious nature this Boston native is from a family of four who enjoys sarcasm and a barrage of casual banter as a way of life. Thus forming his aggressive and edgy comedic act.

The now veteran of many outrageous and highly charged and controversial stand up performances, Paul has toned his act down and is the current host and co-creator of “The Playboy Comedy Show” at The Palms Casino in Las Vegas. The award winning “Best Comedy Club in Vegas” as voted by The Las Vegas Review Journal for 2006 and 2008. Catching his first big break from Hugh Hefner back in 2004 (he kept his cloths on, thank God) while performing Stand-up at Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra’s wedding, Paul was offered a deal to create a show for Playboy, which he is currently producing and hosting every month.

Since his success with Playboy comedy he has also written, produced and starred in the MTV hit video “I Get It” for the rock band Chevelle. The dark comedy created a cult following for many fans and was awarded the 2008 honor for “Best Music Video produced for under $10,000.”

Paul has also co-starred in and created “Foothooker” a pilot for Fox Studio. A Comedic look and at the Rock and Roll industry made in collaboration with Steve Levitan. As a stand up he has toured all over the world opening for some of today’s biggest rock bands.

Recently nominated for ‘Best Actor’ for his role in Beach Cops at the 2008 AOF Film Festival and won for ‘Best Comedy Scene’, Hughes is quickly becoming one to watch.

Among his latest efforts is ‘The Consultants’ with Xander Berkeley and Spencer Garret where he stars as a Harvard business grad down on his luck will be in theaters soon. Also, 'Below the Beltway' with Noah Wyle and Tate Donovan is a comedic look at Washington DC and the role that Lobbyists play in it will be in theaters this summer.

Look for him on TV this spring as the Host of RockHouse, a brand new talk show about all things Rock and Roll.